Hourly Promo Offers & Best Deals

Pitcher $5.00
Martini $15.00
Margarita $6.00
Red Show Plate w/ Gold Stroke $0.00
Platinum Decorated Show Plate $0.00
Yellow Show Plate $0.00
Cloud Chopsticks $0.00
Living $0.00

About Us

Since 1975, Landex has established itself as a leading provider of premium tableware solutions, delivering excellence in service and product quality to the retail and hospitality industry throughout Southeast Asia. Over the past 40 years, Landex has evolved into key focused products to deliver only the best to your table tops. Now, Landex has grown to be the preferred partner of renowned hotels and restaurants and is the exclusive distributor to many leading international brands; and partner to Luzerne, Singapore’s ceramic manufacturer.

We stand committed to deliver only the best. We are selective in the brands we represent so you can be confident of our product quality and collections:

  • LUZERNE(Fine Chinaware)
  • STRAHL (Polycarbonate Drinkware)
  • TIGER HOTEL (Stainless Steel Buffet Ware)
  • SOLA SWITZERLAND (Stainless Steel Flatware)
  • Placemat, Smart Candles, Serveware, Trays, Trolleys, Tabletop Accessories

Landex serve a wide clientele with a strong portfolio in leading hotels and restaurants chains, resorts, bars, country clubs, catering and other F&B establishments. Landex also exports to more than 20 countries worldwide and caters directly to consumers with our retail concept store, e-commerce platforms and strong partnership with department stores.

For more information, please visit www.landex.asia or contact us at enquiry@landex.asia